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Physical Exam

About Physical Exam

Regular physical exams offer important insights into your health and play a pivotal part in preventive care. As an experienced Family Nurse Pracititoner, Kelly has a holistic approach to care and conducts comprehensive physical exams along with obtaining specific screenings or tests based on your individual health history and risk factors for adults of all ages. TruWellness offers mobile visits to ensure accessibility and convenience in prioritizing your health. Call today or use the online booking tool to schedule an initial screening.

Physical Exam Q&A

What is a physical exam?


A physical exam is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates your health and helps you plan for the future. These head-to-toe health screenings help detect early signs of disease, health risk factors, and lifestyle factors that can affect your well-being. 


By identifying potential issues in their early stages, a physical exam empowers you to take proactive measures to address and manage health concerns effectively. 

How important is a physical exam?

Regular physical exams are crucial for several reasons, including:

Early detection

Physical exams can reveal early signs of diseases or conditions, enabling Kelly to intervene early and improve treatment outcomes.

Preventive care and health maintenance 

Routine physical exams are key to preventive care, helping identify risk factors and providing guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Health baseline

Establishing a baseline through regular physical exams allows Kelly to track concerning changes over time, aiding in the early detection of abnormalities.

Personalized planning

The information gathered during a physical exam forms the basis for your personalized health plan, including recommendations for lifestyle modifications, screenings, and preventive measures.

What does a physical exam involve?

A physical exam typically includes two equally important parts:

Medical history review

While reviewing your medical history, Kelly asks about any medications, new or worsening symptoms, or changes in your health since your last visit. This is also the perfect time to discuss your lifestyle, diet, and activity level.


During the physical exam, Kelly listens to your heart and lungs, looks inside your ears, nose, and throat, and feels your abdomen for swelling. She may also test your strength and reflexes.


If Kelly needs to investigate new findings from the physical, she may order blood work, imaging scans, or additional diagnostic tests to gather more detailed information about your health.

What is the difference between a wellness and a physical exam?

A wellness exam focuses more on your overall well-being than your physical health and fitness. Rather than performing a head-to-toe exam, Kelly delves into a deeper discussion about your lifestyle. 

She aims to understand your health goals, address risk factors, and collaboratively create a personalized plan that promotes not only physical health but also holistic well-being.


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